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Fenwick Gated HOA is a separate homeowners association (HOA) responsible for its gates and private streets within the gated area of Fenwick that includes sections I, II, IV, and V between Western and Fenwick Blvd.
Please follow these instructions and your gate access should go smoothly.

Option 1: Use the ‘Gate Access’ online form on this website to submit your issue.

Option 2: Contact the Fenwick Gated HOA’s management company listed on the HOA Management – Fenwick Gated HOA web page.

You should be provided with two codes:

  • A 4-digit ‘access’ code for YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY, which can be used for access at either entrance to allow you to enter without a gate remote. Your personal code provides 24 hour access.
  • b. A 3-digit ‘directory’ code will be assigned to you. This code can be used by your visitors and will be visible following your name on the display of the keypad. Names are listed alphabetically. When used, the ‘directory’ code will automatically dial the phone number you’ve given us to put in the system. You answer the call and establish the identity of your visitor. If you want to allow your visitor to enter, press the number 9 button on your telephone keypad to remotely open the gate. You will hear several beeps indicating the gate is opening. Alternatively, to deny entry, hang up the phone without pressing the number 9. Note: The call will cut off after one minute; you will hear a beep tone 10 seconds before this happens.

Gate remotes (transmitters) will operate both entry gates and are priced at the HOA’s cost. See the section on our web site regarding Gate Access. Note that gate remote transmitters are purchased by the homeowner from the HOA and they are provided as a convenience. As accidents happen and technology changes the HOA may need to replace a gate receiver at any time rendering some gate transmitters useless.

Vendor codes: The ‘vendor code’ is provided to each homeowner and provides limited access daily from 6:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. for various deliveries, landscaping, nannies, etc. at both entrances.

Common Questions:

My 4-digit code does not work at night, what is wrong? Most likely you may have been told a Vendor Code or a Realtor code. You should have your own 4-digit code unique to your residence. To request a new code See the section on our web site regarding Gate Access.

My gate remote works at one gate but not the other. What’s wrong? Each gate has (3) receivers on different frequencies. Usually it is the battery in your remote that has weakened. It could be we have an issue with one of the three gate system receivers. Report the issue if it happens at one gate but not the other and you have changed batteries!

Can you program my car to open the gate? Your welcome to try it – many cars simply clone your remote transmitters frequency and code. I personally don’t have any experience with it but I’ve heard it’s simple to setup. Check your owners manual or look on Youtube for how-to videos for your vehicle. Your owners manual should indicate what kinds of gate and garage remotes it can clone (we use 318MHz Linear MegaCode (green button), 295 MHz Sentex ClikCard (red button), and the 315 MHz Chamberlan LiftMaster Passport (like a garage door opener).

Questions or comments? The fastest way to request assistance is to contact HOA Management – Fenwick Gated HOA directly or use one of our forms to contact us.