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Homeowners pay annual dues to Fenwick Gated HOA and Fenwick HOA.

Fenwick Gated HOA dues for 2022 are $ 450 per lot. Homeowners have the option to submit payments in two installments with the first due March 1 and the second due July 1, 2021. Please be aware that Fenwick Gated homeowners must pay annual dues to Fenwick Gated HOA and to Fenwick HOA. Homeowners in Fenwick Gated are mandatory members of Fenwick Gated HOA and the larger Fenwick HOA.

The HOA Management company has an online portal where you can make these payments.

You can always pay your dues by dropping a check off at the Clubhouse mailbox, or by mailing your payments to that same mailbox at 16801 Fenwick Blvd, Edmond, OK 73012.

Fenwick HOA dues are displayed on their website.